Leigh-Anne. Dog lover.
I am trying to see things in perspective. My dog wants a bite of my peanut butter chocolate chip bagel. I know she cannot have this, because chocolate makes dogs very sick. My dog does not understand this. She pouts and wraps herself around my leg like a scarf and purrs and tries to convince me to give her just a tiny bit. When I do not give in, she eventually gives up and lays in the corner, under the piano, drooping and sad. I hope the universe has my best interest in mind like I have my dog’s. When I want something with my whole being, and the universe withholds it from me, I hope the universe thinks to herself: "Silly girl. She thinks this is what she wants, but she does not understand how it will hurt.
THEORIES ABOUT THE UNIVERSE by Blythe Baird (via shroomfairy)

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Being a true God/dess in current times is not only desired, but in my opinion mandatory. The understanding of what a God/dess is emerges from the simplicity and authenticity of our divine nature. As we return to the things that connect us to the real and remind us of the things that truly…


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Super high aerial of Seattle at dawn

Seattle Hempfest ‘14! My beautiful SpecialK Glass bong! ✌️

Crystals to soothe the soul, inspire the mind and relax the spirit.
Beautiful, polished, natural gemstones and crystals hand-wrapped in a delicate macramé style, paired with precious Tibetan silver charms. These darling necklaces are tied to fit over the head, and rest peacefully in the mid chest area, perfect for all the gypsies and hippies wandering our stunning earth. 
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so beautiful

A home away from home. Inside Devil’s Point Lookout.

Edgar Allan Poe within Edgar Allan Poe by Mcphee

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My Child

Pattie Boyd